peter-bjellerup-in-lausanneEngaged and connected employees boost business. I help enabling employee engagement, connecting and working transparently.

  • Leadership for engagement
  • Motivating goals and constructive follow-up
  • Effective tools to get your job done

Networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and knowledge management is my passion. But to make it happen, tools are not enough:

  • The right tools offers the possibility to do our best work, through collaboration and transparent sharing
  • Engagement makes us want to do our best work, based on leadership that cultivates engagement
  • Motivational goals direct our efforts to where they add most value, and frequent, constructive follow-up keeps us and our motivation

These are the topics I touch in this blog as well as topics around life as a consultant and being a curious, empathic, thinking human with low tolerance for “alternative facts”.

About the Author

With a background in Marketing and Communications, both traditional and web-based (since mid-90’s), Peter Bjellerup currently worked for 15 years as a consultant at IBM in Malmö, Sweden, transforming companies through social tools and portals, internally and externally. Since mid 2019 I work as an independent consultant in Brightsider AB, based in Sweden but working wherever I can add value.

I run my life based on six principles:

  • Enjoy – Life and everything in it. If you don’t enjoy your current situation, look for something to enjoy. If there really isn’t anything to brighten up the situation, change it.
  • Improve – yourself, for yourself and for others. Constant is stale.
  • Be empathic – Not only humanitarian, but also a prerequisite for all good communications as well as processes and systems
  • Take responsibility – for results, for errors, for yourself
  • Be fair – only then do you have the right to demand that others are fair to you
  • Be open-minded – The day you are not prepared to reconsider your position, your creativity dies and you become a much less pleasant person

More Peter:


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