peter-bjellerup-in-lausanneNetworking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and knowledge management. Enabling technology, new possibilities and the resulting changes for us as individuals and professionals, for companies and organisations and for society in general. This is what I intend to cover in this blog. From my horizon, that is.

I just might diverge from those topics occasionally. Hopefully to other topics if interest for the same audience.

About the Author

With a background in Marketing and Communications, both traditional and web-based (since mid-90’s), Peter Bjellerup currently works as Managing Consultant at IBM in Malmö, Sweden, transforming companies through social tools and portals, internally and externally. See Disclaimer

He is a married father of three daughters and work too much. “But it’s difficult not to when working with things this fun!”

He runs his life based on six principles:

  • Enjoy – Life and everything in it. If you don’t enjoy your current situation, look for something to enjoy. If there really isn’t anything to brighten up the situation, change it.
  • Improve – yourself, for yourself and for others. Constant is stale.
  • Be empathic – Not only humanitarian, but also a prerequisite for all good communications as well as processes and systems
  • Take responsibility – for results, for errors, for yourself
  • Be fair – only then do you have the right to demand that others are fair to you
  • Be open-minded – The day you are not prepared to reconsider your position, your creativity dies and you become a much less pleasant person

More Peter:


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